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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Facebook and Twitter Making a Huge Impact on Online Purchases

Many studies today suggest that Social Media has given businesses a major competitive advantage over those who aren’t participating.

Even more specifically, a new study on e-marketer shows that people who are fans or followers of a brand on Facebook or Twitter, are significantly more likely to buy products and services; even recommend the brand to a friend or coworker. Social media is a free tool that helps to establish credibility and word-of-mouth marketing.

Social media is essential for getting the message out about a business, its products and services. It is a new media platform in which all businesses should learn to communicate.

A planned and personal approach is the key to any successful social media campaign.

Customers want to know about a business’s latest products and services but they never want to feel like they are being sold. The trick to social media like Twitter and Facebook, is to engage and listen to the customer.

Businesses can engage customers with social networks like Twitter and Facebook. These social networks can be used to even attract news media. Social media is also a great tool for businesses to receive instant feedback, connect and communicate with customers.

At Meta Media Inc, we base our best social media practices on an understanding of how people consume media online. We engage consumers through the establishment of social media campaigns across many social networking platforms.

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