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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Local Marketing, Inc. Moves its Headquarters to a New Location in Buckhead

The Atlanta interactive marketing agency has a new space in the One Buckhead Plaza building

ATLANTA, GA (May 31, 2012) – Local Marketing, Inc., a full-service local marketing, creative and IT firm based in Atlanta, recently relocated to One Buckhead Plaza in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta. The new, larger office, located on Peachtree Road, is now fully operational.

Local Marketing, Inc. made the decision to move from its previous Midtown office in order to better accommodate its growing staff and number of local clients.

“After three years in our Midtown office on West Peachtree Street, we were ready to move into a larger space, with a greater number of offices and bigger cubicles for the staff,” said VP of Marketing Michele Fontanelli Arnett.

The One Buckhead Plaza building is located on Peachtree Road. In addition to the main office building, the plaza is also home to exclusive Buckhead retail shops, restaurants and the St. Regis Hotel.

“The Buckhead office is a great opportunity for us. We look forward to generating new opportunities and establishing additional business relationships in the area,” said Founder Puneet Mehta.

The address for the new Local Marketing, Inc. office is:

One Buckhead Plaza
3060 Peachtree Road, NW
Suite 200
Atlanta, GA 30305
(404) 917-2100

About Local Marketing, Inc.

Local Marketing, Inc. and its sister company, Meta Media, Inc., specialize in non-traditional, ROI-based marketing strategies, including site design, development, marketing, analytics, reporting and optimization. Local Marketing, Inc. provides customized solutions for companies who want to specifically target local markets. Our philosophy of ongoing refinement means we never stop improving and optimizing our clients’ campaigns. With our knowledge, experience and industry relationships, we are your multi-channel experts and a one-stop shop for effective online strategies with clear ROI. Read more about the company’s efforts online at

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Local Marketing, Inc. Earns 2012 AiMA Award Nomination for Most Effective Local Georgia Campaign

Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association Recognizes Local Marketing, Inc.
for its Work with an Atlanta Plastic Surgeon 

ATLANTA, GA (May 1, 2012) – Local Marketing, Inc., a full-service marketing, creative and IT firm based in Atlanta, announced today it is a finalist in the 2012 Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association (AiMA) Awards.

Local Marketing, Inc. received the AiMA nomination in the category of Most Effective Local Campaign in Georgia for its website design and local online marketing work on behalf of the Abramson Facial Plastic Surgery & Rejuvenation Center.  Strategies for plastic surgery practice included updating the brand, redesigning the website with new content, information architecture and graphics, and marketing the site online via search engine optimization tactics and paid search marketing. 

All marketing efforts were targeted around a more affluent audience with an average household income of $150K+. Although females aged 35-55 are the primary target demographic, Abramson Facial Plastic Surgery & Rejuvenation Center also wanted to reach out to men who may be interested in cosmetic procedures as well.

“We have seen some amazing results for Dr. Abramson, so to get this nomination as a formal recognition of our efforts is very exciting,” said Local Marketing, Inc. Vice President of Marketing, Michele Fontanelli Arnett. “The team worked hard to put the right website and marketing programs in place to secure new patients for the practice, and in such a competitive industry as plastic surgery, we have been overwhelmed with the strong reaction to our online ads, content and website creative.

In order to qualify as a finalist, Local Marketing, Inc. submitted a detailed outline of the company’s goals: to help increase both awareness and new patients for the Abramson Facial Plastic Surgery & Rejuvenation Center online. In addition, Local Marketing, Inc. summarized the overall strategy and results, and outlined any challenges the team faced putting the campaigns live.

“One of the most immediate returns on investment came via the website’s contact form. Plastic surgery is such a personal, intimate choice that more people felt comfortable filling out their contact information online. The site got few contact requests via the Internet prior to the website redesign; afterward, results were up 200%,” Fontanelli Arnett added.

AiMA analyzed Local Marketing, Inc.’s effectiveness by conducting a comparison of success metrics to both industry benchmarks and specific campaign objectives. Winners for the 2012 AiMA Awards will be announced at the ceremony on May 10, 2012, held this year at Opera.

“As a growing Georgia-based company, we are thrilled with the AiMA award nomination in the local category. The Abramson Facial Plastic Surgery & Rejuvenation Center is just one client out of many who has seen good results from our interactive marketing strategies,” said Local Marketing, Inc. CEO and Founder Puneet Mehta. “Our goal is always to deliver custom strategies that deliver a positive ROI for our clients.”


Local Marketing, Inc. specializes in non-traditional, ROI-based marketing strategies, including site design, development, marketing, analytics, reporting and optimization. Local Marketing, Inc. provides customized solutions for companies who want to specifically target local markets. Our philosophy of ongoing refinement means we never start improving and optimizing our clients’ campaigns. With our knowledge, experience and industry relationships, we are your multi-channel experts and a one-stop shop for effective online strategies with clear ROI. Read more about the company’s efforts online at

Friday, April 27, 2012

YouTube Takes Video Advertising to the Next Level

YouTube, a Google subsidiary, has officially launched Google AdWords for video. Back in September 2011, Google began testing the beta version with select advertisers, like and Rokenbok Toy Company. Now this self-service and pay-per-view video ad platform is available to the general public. The new platform promises to not only bring on larger TV buyers, but will give small to medium sized businesses the ability to promote content to a global audience similar to TV.

Types of Video Ads

Google’s four AdWords ad format are categorized under the “TrueView” umbrella which includes: in-view, in-search, in-slate, and in-display. TrueView ads are priced using a cost-per-view model, similar to that of the search ad cost-per-click. A business only pays when someone chooses to view the ad.

Where Do the Ads Run?

In-stream ads run before, during or after a YouTube partner video. After five seconds, the viewer can continue to watch the ad or chose to skip it. In-search ads run alongside Promoted Video search results and suggestions. In-slate ads play before YouTube partner videos that are longer than 10 minutes. Viewers can choose from one of three ads to view, or watch commercial breaks during the video. And finally, in-display ads run throughout the Google Display Network, which has  tens of thousands of websites that reach 98% of users online.

When Do You Pay?

Before a TrueView in-stream ad is charged, a user must watch at least 30 seconds of the video ad or watch it in its entirely –whichever comes first. Since the other three formats use the cost-per-click model, these ads do not have to be viewed in their entirety to be charged.

Tracking Results

Video ads make it easy to measure the effectiveness of a campaign. You can see how many viewers watched the entire video, visited the website, watched more brand videos and subscribed to your brand’s Youtube channel.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New AdWords Tools Improve Location Targeting

Geo-targeting is easier than ever thanks to several AdWords upgrades. Google recently introduced two new location-targeting capabilities and enhanced the existing Advanced Location Targeting feature. By allowing you to target by zip code, you can now create a single ad for multiple locations while achieving higher conversion rates.

AdWords Location

This new feature allows you to target more than 30,000 US zip codes with the ability to add up to 1,000 postal codes at a time to search ad campaigns. With AdWords Location, you can more precisely determine which ad to show and when, based on origin and regardless of search intent. You now have more control over how you target locally while consumers receive higher quality ads. 

Previously, Google displayed ads based on a combination of search intent and city/metro targeting. At times, AdWords was not serving the ads that advertisers wanted. AdWords Location works to resolve this issue. It's also especially useful for advertising in the travel sector. For example, if someone in Atlanta is searching for flights to Seattle, you can still target Atlanta residents and display your ads. 

Location Insertion

Location insertion, the second new feature, automatically inserts unique location information into your ads. This tool is perfect for large companies with multiple stores around the country, because it allows consumers to find the location near them. One of the launch users, Uncle Bob’s Self Storage, a self storage company with 400 locations, saw their conversions increase by at least 300%, proving that location insertion can make all the difference.  

Enhanced Advanced Location Targeting

Google also added four enhancements to its existing Advanced Location Targeting feature. These include:
·         Rewording the platform to make it easier to understand
·         Displaying ads to consumers in a geographic location regardless of search subject
·         More control over location targeting on the display network
·         Changes to exclusion methods

Geographic Reports

The new tools also provide more specific geographic reports, allowing you to understand how ads are performing on a zip code by zip code basis.

Google Search Gets a Makeover

No, Google’s classic keyword-search system isn’t going away, but within the next few months users will benefit from an upgrade. In order to provide more relevant results, Google plans to incorporate a new technology known as “semantic search”, which will allow the search engine to interpret the actual meaning of words.
Top Google search executive Amit Singhal explained in a recent The Wall Street Journal interview that the search engine will better match queries with the company’s database of hundreds of millions of “entities” (people, place and things). This is because semantic search has the ability to associate different words with one another, such as a company (Google) with its founders (Larry Page and Sergey Bring).
How will this new search engine system work? Say you search for “Lake Tahoe”. You will soon see key “attributes” that the search engine picks up about the lake, such as its location, altitude, average temperature of salt content. If you were to search for “Lake Tahoe” today, you’d find only links to the visitor bureau website, its Wikipedia page, and a link to a relevant map. Ask Google a more complex question such as, “What are the 10 largest lakes in California?”, and it may provide the answer instead of just a list of links.
Google is blending semantic-search technology with its current system to better evaluate the information on websites. This will help to determine which sites it will show in the search results. Rather than looking only for keywords, Google spiders will indentify information about specific entities referenced on a webpage.
The new search engine function may inspire millions of website owners to change the markup language, making it easier for Google to locate their sites under the new system. One Google insider told The Wall Street Journal that the shift to semantic search could directly impact the search results for 10% to 20% of all queries, or tens of billions per month.
Google search ads, which appear next to search results, may also be affected. If the search engine better understands the intent behind a query, Google may be able to serve up more relevant ads. And as Google’s “entity” database grows, there will be more pages on which marketers can place ads.
Be on the lookout for a bigger and better Google this summer!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Dinner

December has been a busy month for our company. We've welcomed new clients and expanded to our offices in Miami and North Carolina. However, we can still make time for fun!

This year we held our Holiday Dinner at Serpas.  The staff was great and the food was excellent.  They even created a personalized menu created in our honor:

Per company tradition, everyone participated in a white elephant gift exchange during appetizers.  There were a lot of great gifts including chocolate covered Oreos, season one of "The Big Bang Theory" and wine.

The mark of a great Holiday Dinner is delicious food and a lot of laughter.  It was definitely a success. Michele was able to get some great shots of our hardworking team.

Puneet and Ronell

Wood, Amy and Cindi

Chris E., Chris F. and Puneet

Cindi, Doug and Ryoko

We all wish you and yours a happy holiday season.  Stay tuned for more updates in 2012!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

CamiCakes for all!

Here at Meta Media, Inc., we LOVE cupcakes. This has been proven time and time again based on the short amount of time between cupcake arrival and a completely empty box.

Atlanta is a wonderful city for many reasons, but the fact that it has tons of local bakeries to chose cupcakes from is a definite highlight! Michele, our VP of Marketing & E-Commerce, brought in a dozen of delicious cupcakes from CamiCakes.

Rest assured, they were devoured in a matter of minutes.