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Friday, April 27, 2012

YouTube Takes Video Advertising to the Next Level

YouTube, a Google subsidiary, has officially launched Google AdWords for video. Back in September 2011, Google began testing the beta version with select advertisers, like and Rokenbok Toy Company. Now this self-service and pay-per-view video ad platform is available to the general public. The new platform promises to not only bring on larger TV buyers, but will give small to medium sized businesses the ability to promote content to a global audience similar to TV.

Types of Video Ads

Google’s four AdWords ad format are categorized under the “TrueView” umbrella which includes: in-view, in-search, in-slate, and in-display. TrueView ads are priced using a cost-per-view model, similar to that of the search ad cost-per-click. A business only pays when someone chooses to view the ad.

Where Do the Ads Run?

In-stream ads run before, during or after a YouTube partner video. After five seconds, the viewer can continue to watch the ad or chose to skip it. In-search ads run alongside Promoted Video search results and suggestions. In-slate ads play before YouTube partner videos that are longer than 10 minutes. Viewers can choose from one of three ads to view, or watch commercial breaks during the video. And finally, in-display ads run throughout the Google Display Network, which has  tens of thousands of websites that reach 98% of users online.

When Do You Pay?

Before a TrueView in-stream ad is charged, a user must watch at least 30 seconds of the video ad or watch it in its entirely –whichever comes first. Since the other three formats use the cost-per-click model, these ads do not have to be viewed in their entirety to be charged.

Tracking Results

Video ads make it easy to measure the effectiveness of a campaign. You can see how many viewers watched the entire video, visited the website, watched more brand videos and subscribed to your brand’s Youtube channel.

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