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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New AdWords Tools Improve Location Targeting

Geo-targeting is easier than ever thanks to several AdWords upgrades. Google recently introduced two new location-targeting capabilities and enhanced the existing Advanced Location Targeting feature. By allowing you to target by zip code, you can now create a single ad for multiple locations while achieving higher conversion rates.

AdWords Location

This new feature allows you to target more than 30,000 US zip codes with the ability to add up to 1,000 postal codes at a time to search ad campaigns. With AdWords Location, you can more precisely determine which ad to show and when, based on origin and regardless of search intent. You now have more control over how you target locally while consumers receive higher quality ads. 

Previously, Google displayed ads based on a combination of search intent and city/metro targeting. At times, AdWords was not serving the ads that advertisers wanted. AdWords Location works to resolve this issue. It's also especially useful for advertising in the travel sector. For example, if someone in Atlanta is searching for flights to Seattle, you can still target Atlanta residents and display your ads. 

Location Insertion

Location insertion, the second new feature, automatically inserts unique location information into your ads. This tool is perfect for large companies with multiple stores around the country, because it allows consumers to find the location near them. One of the launch users, Uncle Bob’s Self Storage, a self storage company with 400 locations, saw their conversions increase by at least 300%, proving that location insertion can make all the difference.  

Enhanced Advanced Location Targeting

Google also added four enhancements to its existing Advanced Location Targeting feature. These include:
·         Rewording the platform to make it easier to understand
·         Displaying ads to consumers in a geographic location regardless of search subject
·         More control over location targeting on the display network
·         Changes to exclusion methods

Geographic Reports

The new tools also provide more specific geographic reports, allowing you to understand how ads are performing on a zip code by zip code basis.

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