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Friday, July 15, 2011

IBM Unveils New Cloud-Based Analytics System for Online Marketers

The latest press release from IBM announced a new web analytics system to assist marketers with online campaigns, entitled the Coremetrics Digital Marketing Optimization Suite.

The new IBM software is supposed to act as a single source of information for marketers providing customer profiles, web analytics and digital marketing execution. According to IBM some highlights of their latest marketing tool are:

- Enables marketers to perform advanced segmentation and automate marketing execution based on multichannel data, including off-line data sources
- Delivers real-time product recommendations for all online channels, including social, mobile, email, and display ads
- Provides A/B testing capabilities to help search engine marketers compare pairs of search terms to determine the most cost-effective terms and associated ads
- Incorporates best practice key performance indicators and corresponding industry-specific benchmarks
- Supports deep analysis into how customers interact with a brand over time and when each marketing program is the most effective.

Only time will tell if the Coremetrics Digital Marketing Optimization Suite by IBM will be able to compete with other programs that marketers are already utilizing, such as Google Analytics.

IBM Press Release

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