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Friday, November 4, 2011

New Report Indicates SEO is the Best Way to Generate Leads

According to the 2011 State of Digital Marketing Report by Webmarketing123, search engine optimization is the first source marketers utilize to create new business leads.

SEO tactics ranked higher than PPC and Social Media.

Review the Search Engine Land infographic for more details.

We at Meta Media, Inc. understand the value in creating SEO enriched websites, but also provide our clients with PPC campaigns and social media. Using SEO, PPC and social media enhances a client's overall Internet presence, which is an important step in reaching a broader audience and differentiating one's business from competitors.


  1. What amazes me is that for the countless PPC companies out there, so few really get the job done. Make sure you do your research before trusting any of these guys to improve your seach results. You'll know the right company when you find it. Good luck out there!

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